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IAEDP San Diego is here to promote a high level of professionalism among practitioners who treat those suffering from eating disorders by promoting ethical and professional standards, offering education and training in the field, certifying those who have met prescribed requirements, promoting public and professional awareness of eating disorders and assisting in prevention efforts.

Free Virtual Event

We at IAEDP San Diego are excited to announce our first ever FREE Virtual Event Wednesday, June 24 with Dr. Caroyln Ross talking on Historical Trauma and Eating Disorders.

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Wednesday June 24, 2020

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Historical Trauma and Eating Disorders

Trauma ultimately has the ability to define our behaviors, actions, and sense of self. Research is also showing the destructive effects of trauma being passed down from generation to generation in our DNA and cultural nurturing. For people with historical trauma, the transmission of their trauma to their children is unintentional but stems from their own pain which has not been dealt with. Unwanted behaviors, such as eating disorders or addictions, may have their roots in this intergenerational trauma, which creates a vicious cycle of unprocessed grief and shame leading to these adaptive behaviors.  For too many individuals, trauma carries a stigma that they may feel forever like victims stuck in a life that they do not deserve. As clinicians, if we understand the significance of historical trauma, we can help our clients own their entire experience—cultural and historical- creating an even more solid foundation for recovery.

Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross is an author, speaker, expert in using Integrative Medicine for the treatment of food and body image issues and addictions.  She is board certified in Preventive Medicine and also in Addiction Medicine and is a graduate of Dr. Andrew Weil’s fellowship in Integrative Medicine.  She consults with treatment centers around the US who want to include her unique integrative medicine approach to treat eating disorders and addictions.  She is the author of three books; the latest is The Food Addiction Recovery Workbook.  Dr. Ross is the CEO of The Anchor Program™, an online coaching program for food and body image issues. Dr. Ross’ belief that addictions and eating disorders are a wake-up call to change not only on the physiological and behavioral levels but also on the mental and spiritual levels is a compelling thread that runs through all of her work with clients.


Resources for Healers

At IAEDP San Diego, we understand the unique obstacles that we are all faced with in offering support to our Eating Disorder Clients. We found ourselves asking how we can create a place for professionals to share resources, connect and innovate ways that we can continue to create a space for healing during these difficult times.

We are inviting all ED Professionals to join our Bi-Weekly call. This meeting will be an opportunity to discuss ethical and legal issues in digital treatment, learn how treatment centers are adjusting and to provide a container for the challenges that require a creative approach. The board will also be available for any support we can offer.

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Bi-weekly on Thursdays, 12-1p

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Resource Email

We are putting together a group email for sharing resources and to ask questions. Please send an email to with the subject line resources. You will be added to the group.

Virtual Symposium

Registration of the Symposium is open! The silver lining is that with the online platform you do not have to pick and choose what talks you attend.


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