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Speaker: Dr. Brian Cook

Exercise Addiction and Eating Disorders: Physiology, Neurobiology and Treatment Implications

Date and Time:
March 11, 2020
9:00am – 10:30am

4321 Eastgate Mall
San Diego, CA 92121

Members: $20 ($25 at the door)
Non-members: $30 ($35 at the door)

Coffee and light breakfast provided. Please bring your business cards to share. We are excited to see everyone and kick off 2020!

Exercise Addiction and Eating Disorders: Physiology, Neurobiology and Treatment Implications

By Dr. Brian Cook

Exercise remains a complicated and controversial aspect of eating disorders (ED) etiology and treatment. Patterns of exercise that resemble an addiction are often observed in ED. However, clinical and research efforts have been limited by the use of several terms such as compulsion, addiction, and dependence that all may refer to similar, if not the same, pathological patterns of problematic exercise in both individuals with and without ED.

This talk will first review the various terms that are widely used and provide a clear distinction among exercise addiction, dependence, and compulsion. Next, a review of the impact of pathological exercise and co-occurrence of problematic exercise and ED, SUD, and other behavioral addictions will be provided. Recent advances in examining similarities and differences with comorbid conditions has informed potential physiological and neurochemical explanations for exercise pathology. Therefore, the talk will present physiological and neurochemical underpinnings of exercise pathology. Finally, this talk will conclude with a review of an innovative treatment approach that incorporates recent understanding of the biological basis of exercise pathology.

Overall, this talk will help to clarify key distinctions that have limited treatment approaches in individuals with ED and comorbid exercise problems.

About Dr. Cook:

Dr. Cook developed an original line of research examining the etiological role, management, and therapeutic potential of exercise in eating disorders. His education at the Universities of Rhode Island and Florida and a NIMH post-doctoral fellowship at the Neuropsychiatric Research Institute in Fargo, ND allowed him to train under experts in the eating disorder field. This has resulted in presenting research at international conferences (e.g., Eating Disorders Research Society, the Academy for Eating Disorders), chairing conference paper sessions, publications in leading journals (e.g., International Journal of Eating Disorders) and book chapters, and a keynote address at the IAEPD 2017 Symposium.


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